General Technical Expertise

CERCL’s consultants are Professors at the University of Toronto, and expertise in a wide range of technical areas. Virtually all are active researchers, maintaining large research groups, publishing papers, and attending international conferences. Most have a significant international profile. They provide their engineering and scientific advice to companies that don’t have sufficient in-house expertise.

All of our consultants provide expertise in their own specialty areas. To see the complete list of consultants, click here.

Testing Services

Our consultants are able to use, on a fee basis, the extensive facilities in the University of Toronto. We perform a variety of sophisticated testing services on a consulting basis. For a sampling of the equipment and facilities available for external testing jobs, please click here.

Patent Litigation

Many of our consultants have vast experience with the intricacies of patents and patent law. Many have multiple patents themselves, have authored patents, and a number have provided expert witness opinion in patent litigation. For advice on patents, please find the consultant with related expertise on our general list.

Expert Witness

Our consultants frequently provide expert witness support to the legal profession. For a list of consultants willing to serve as expert witnesses, click here.

Insurance Claims/Forensic Engineering

Our consultants provide a variety of forensic engineering services in support of the legal and insurance industries. For a list of consultants willing to serve in this capacity, click here.

SR&ED Tax Credits

A number of our consultants have extensive experience with the system of SR&ED tax credits in Canada. Lists of consultants approved to serve as scientific auditors and those willing to assist clients in the preparation of SR&ED filings will be up soon.

Design Services

While our consultants provide scientific and engineering background information and expert opinions, we do not normally undertake design work on a contract basis. Nevertheless, we can often provide critical background information and you are welcome to approach a consultant with appropriate expertise to discuss your design issues.